01 November 2011

New Project Takes Flight

I've played Blue Max, and more recently the further evolution, Canvas Eagles, with friends for many many years. In fact, since I met & joined the Twinsburg Wargame Association back maybe 15 years ago. (Wow, has it been that long?) In fact, I posted some photos from our recent Game Day last week.

So after years of consideration, I'm biting the bullet... I've got some 1/72 plane kits and I'm going to gather together some more, along with flight stands, hex map, etc.

I'm ordering a magnetized Omni-Stand from CorSec Engineering to see how well it will work with the 1/72 planes. I've got a mat from Hotz Mats, but unfortunately it's got a 4" hex pattern on it rather than the 5" I need. So I may order another from them, or maybe try one from CorSec. I've got a small selection of Allied planes, but I'm looking to expand the meager two Central planes in the collection so far.

These will be the first plastic aircraft kits (or any non-game company kits) I've built since I was a kid. Back then I was interested in the then contemporary jets of the '70s & '80s. Since then I've become far more interested in the early days of flight, which has further nudged me (for a long time) to start my own collection for Blue Max/Canvas Eagles.

As I mentioned previously, I enjoy the game quite a bit and think its appeal spans between both hardcore wargames and casual or family games. So another part of my reasoning for this project (besides just enjoying the planes) is to not only get more games in, but maybe recruit some new players.

Naturally, I will update my progress here.

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  1. Looking forward to seeing these take flight!

    In addition to my own interest in the period, my grandfather was a huge great war flight buff, so I have a ton of late 70s early 80s books on the subject.