09 November 2011

Regarding Rigging

A follow up to my previous entry, in which I questioned the issue of rigging for WWI planes.

I found & read this article, along with quite a few other articles, forum discussions, blog posts, etc.


Again, it's coming down to a scale issue. If I was doing 1/48 scale planes (or larger) a lot of this seems like great info. In fact, I may try a larger display piece in the future just to have a shot at some serious rigging. But I'm not certain how well it would work on 1/72 planes. For example, the shrinking method will require the heat source getting close to other parts of the plane, due to the size of the model.

Still, so far I do like the look of the rigged plane. I would like it better if I didn't screw up a few parts. So right now my instinct is to keep doing it, at least for another few planes.

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