30 November 2011

No More Crusader US

Just read at TMP...


...Crusader USA (Old Glory producing Crusader figures in the US, under license) will be gone at the end of the year. I'm a big fan of Mark's figures, and buying domestically was so much more affordable than ordering overseas from the UK. Especially when working in Old Glory Army discounts.

Many (most, with the exception of the plastic Romans) of my ancients are Crusader, and I had planned on expanding on my previous purchases from several ranges (especially Spanish) as well as getting a few new (to me) figures (like Thracians.) I may rethink my plans, now. Because of the holidays I won't be buying before the end of the year. I hadn't ordered from A&A, for example, because it was less expensive to order domestically.

Not to sound even remotely nationalistic, but I really do wish there was more domestic choice. I'd like to see more options in the US miniatures market. The cost savings, being able to buy at shows, etc. would be great.

At any rate, the point is, I'm sad to see the agreement between Old Glory and Crusader at an end. It's been my favorite source of ancients.


  1. I agree,especially as overseas shipping bites.Luckily,since I have switched back to 15mm,I have mostly been able to buy American made figures.Is it just me,though,or do Brit made figures have a certain refinement that many American figures lack? I'm mostly talking about the 28mm stuff in this case,American 15's are just fine to me.

  2. Well, I think the UK definitely has a lot more great sculptors/manufacturers. But we do have some here in North America as well. Most seem to be fantasy & sci-fi focused.

    Bob Murch (Pulp Figures) and Tom Meier (Thunderbolt Mountain) are both excellent sculptors. I'd go as far as saying (in my opinion) that Tom Meier is one of the best in the industry. But both do only small and/or marginal historical ranges.

    I think Brigade Games do some of their own figures. I think mostly WWI & WWII and more "pulp" figures. Nothing I've looked into so far, though.

    Old Glory & Sash & Saber are OK, but as you say, not quite as refined.

    Black Tree is a UK line that immigrated to the US. Some of the ranges are good, but the customer service has a poor record and I can't remember seeing anything new from them in a long time.

    Similarly Vendel (now Molon Labe) is another immigrant. I always thought they looked good on the web, but the packs I ordered as a "trial" were so horribly cast that they're virtually unusable.

    Ral Partha's more or less out of the historical market, and out of scale with "modern" figures anyway. (Nice figures, though!)

    I've mentioned to a mutual friend that he should hire someone to do some sculpting and start cranking out figures here.

  3. I share your disappointment. Crusader was a steady, affordable, go to line for a lot of periods. The folks I play with are busy figuring out last orders. Its a hard choice between splurging on future projects and just filling out a few missing items.

  4. Unfortunately I'm not in a position to make a last order -- especially this close to the holidays.

  5. To add to your list of US companies making historical figures: Gorgon is US based - although they do employ a UK sculptor to create the figures. WGF is US based (sort of). Relic is from Canada which at least puts them in North America - although I do not care for their figures all that much. Lots of 'ifs' & 'buts' on the list and not a lot of figures.

  6. Good call. I've wanted to check out some of Gorgon's figures in person, but haven't found the excuse yet.

  7. If you ever come out to Adepticon (hint, hint) you can meet the owners of Gorgon and see their offerings in person.

    I own a variety of Etruscan figures from Gorgon. They are well sculpted, cleanly cast and on the larger end of 28mm scale.

  8. Your forgetting Conquest miniatures and if your a F&IW fan like myself I have to pay premium penny to get the figures even from the ones carrying it here in Europe and Gorgon has the best Spartans anywhere and they are in the US as well.
    Old Glory is really coming up in standards in their 28mm compared to before and Sash and Saber ACW is great!
    Ok,you don't have as much choice as here yet, but it's getting better.