12 April 2015

Musings on the Black Knights

I have started putting together a box of the current plastic GW undead black knights. As I’ve been working on them, a few thoughts have crossed my mind. I haven’t put together any of their kits in a long time, so nothing they’ve done in the past few years or more.

They are really nice models. If the rumors of GW focusing on being a company that produces nice models for hobbyists and collectors first, and a game company second (or fifty-second….) are true, then I think that’s probably not a bad plan. While I have enjoyed a number of their games, I don’t think it’s their strong point. Especially recently, and especially at the insane prices to get the rules.

They take forever to clean & assemble. At least more time than someone like me wants to put into it. By that I mean, someone who wants a table full of nice painted models to play some big battle games, but can’t devote their life to it. I suppose you get out of it what you put into it. As I said, they do look great so far. But I am starting to grow weary of assembling plastic figures.

WTF is with GW and putting flaming braziers on everything, especially HEADS? Are “brazierz” the new “skullz”?

Pics when they're done. It might be a while...

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