21 October 2015

Black Knights (and Surprise Squires)

I finally finished the Black Knights, and have the somewhat too-contrasty out photo to prove it.

Do we get names anymore? Do we know who sculpted/designed these at GW? Whoever it is did a great job. My painting is just OK, but the figures are so nice they elevate a mediocre paintjob and look great on the table.

I recently (and unexpectedly) won a lowball bid on some of the really old plastic skeletons. They were already assembled, though they required some minor repairs & repositioning. Painting was quick & simple, and I worked on them as I finished the knights. So now I have some lighter cavalry as well as the heavies.

I have also re-based a giant hawk/eagle that was on loan to a friend while I repaired his (newer & bigger) eagle. I believe this is an old Grenadier model, and was painted ages ago.

Now that the Black Knight monkey is off my back, I can think about what to do next. I may paint a few of the individual figures I've prepped recently. Maybe I can think about the next unit (or large critter!) to paint while I do that.

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