22 October 2015

Diehard Miniatures

There are two new/upcoming miniatures ranges that have caught my interest. I've mentioned -- and posted photos of -- the Westfalia Fantasy Battles halflings several times on my blog.

The other is Diehard Miniatures. Their Kickstarter is online as of this blog entry.

EDIT: Apparently this has now been cancelled, and a new, reorganized Kickstarter will go up in early November.


I hope they don't mind me swiping one of their images (click to enlarge.) Strangely enough, the Eru-Kin are what have caught my interest the most. I really like these figures, and the retro-Warhammer idea of the Slann is more interesting to me than what it evolved into in later editions.

I'm already starting to formulate ideas on how to work retro space frogs into my Marienburg project...

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