26 October 2015

Phil & Geier

Painted two individual figures. First up is Phil. Phil the Spectre. He's a plastic "wight lord" kit from GW, and as with the black knights, I'm really impressed at the quality. Phil will probably end up leading a skeletal infantry division. I think it's only appropriate to give him aggressive & violent stats, and the ability to cast some sort of "wall of sound" spell.

Next is a figure I sculpted long ago. I have a handful of castings from when it was available from Black Orc Games (they seem to have disappeared?) I've only painted one of them before & thought I would paint one to fit with the palette of the current project.


  1. Phil the Spectre, good one ^^

  2. Great work on Phil. You have certainly done that sculpt justice. I love that plastic Wight and really need to get one myself...

  3. Thanks!

    I'm really fond of some of the newer plastic undead. I went with other skeleton infantry options because of cost, but I think the regular skeletons and the grave guard are also nice -- as is some of the other stuff that just doesn't fit into my plans.