12 October 2015

Road.... er, Bog Warrior?

I've left the simple cork roads sitting on the table for a bit now, and I think I'm getting used to them. I think I will just leave them as they are for now, make a few more, and keep going with other things. I can always add more detail to them later.

So, in terms of moving on to other things, the road looked like it needed more bogs around it. At some point I hope to work out a way to tie all of the little bogs together a bit.

I continue to procrastinate in regard to those Black Knights. I've made a rule for myself that I will not paint any more figures until they are done. That is why I now have a few road sections and more bogs (not painting figures!), and a few more miniatures prepped (not painted!) Joining the Life & Death Elementals is the Plague Elemental. It's the weak link in the otherwise outstanding Citadel Elemental series, in my opinion, but I'll see if I can do a better job painting it this time around. I just finished stripping the really old paint off of him. I finally managed to strip all the old paint off the Ral Partha Jabberwock as well.


  1. Those roads are looking nice. Possibly a few broken stones along the edges, or other way of showing what they are made of a little more clearly? I am sure that the ancient elven builders were masters of the art, but it has been a while since they left...

  2. I am planning on including some "broken" sections in the next batch. I do like the idea of some loose (or clustered?) rubble as well. Good call.

  3. Maybe some of the stones are missing (you cut out of the cork) and then there are weeds growing up through it

    could also have a sunken section, with bog in the middle?

  4. Yes and yes!

    I tried staining the roads with a bit of ink/wash, but it turned out a bit more subtle than I would like. I'm also thinking about a few patches of flock. I've been trying to avoid too many fixed terrain pieces with large weeds, reeds, shrooms, etc. ALthough they work fine in skirmish games, they can be a hassle in larger battles. But I will probably work some small foliage creeping into the road.