10 December 2017

Background Musings

Been busy lately but finally got a minute or two to start hitting the Deadcember minis. Just a start...

Skeletons to round off another horde, and a couple of mounted standard bearers.

I've been thinking a lot about the back-story for my campaign ideas and I think it would really be fun to run with a certain degree of mystery. At least on the undead side. Maybe something that floats back and forth between an RPG and a miniatures battle game. I really need to find some players! (And time... and gaming space...)

On the other end of things, I've been putting more thought into the Jackrabbit Trading Company, and have developed the idea behind the Boar Cleavers further, to the point that there is now a second "named" regiment in the company, the Deep Root Guard, aka "the Deep Roots." I've sketched out an outline, and will write out more later. The latter unit will be getting painted in early 2018.

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