16 December 2017

Deadcember Progress... and Beyond

Finished painting some more of the second gen. Citadel plastic skeletons. Still need to base them, probably going with the 40x40 group bases I've used previously -- though I feel I should have at least a few individual 20x20 skeletons...

I'm still daydreaming about a crew of Eclectic Meat-hating Robot Pirates. So, to that end, I am very excited to have acquired...

My plan is to paint The Dead through Deadcember, work on some High Elves for a friend in January, and then in February... Febrobtary...? Febotary? Whatever. Paint some bots.


  1. Great looking skellies! I look forward to seeing what you do with High Elves. As for not playing games with the 'bots - I know how you feel, but I tend to think of that type of project as a purely creative one, done for the joy of collecting and painting.

  2. Hey! Love Hewey, Dewey and Lewey from Silent Running. Where did they come from?

    1. Those are from Black Cat Bases.

      Ainsty Castings also make some, but I preferred the Black Cat.