29 December 2017

Oldhammer Legacy Crew '17 (40k)

I previously posted the underhive gang member painted for the annual Oldhammer forum legacy crew. I had trouble deciding what to send for the other (Inquisitorial) faction, which had a black & white theme (vs. the gang's rainbow scheme.) I figured I'd paint two, and pick the better and/or more appropriate one to send...

...and I still can't decide which to send, although I'm leaning towards shipping the commissarial looking lady on the left.  I'd better decide soon -- I'm already late in sending these out.


  1. Nice paint jobs - I really like the monochromatic spanner boy, the squirrel adds a lovely spot colour.

    1. Thanks! I ended up packing the commissar and keeping the spanner dwarf. It's such an odd figure.