17 December 2017

Mounted Necromancer (Wraith)

Mounted necromancers are hard to come by. Even then, I want something less human, more undead. Like a "lesser liche" or some other alternate. Basically just an undead thing, mounted on an undead riding thing, who summons & controls the other undead things. So here's the first that I've been able to come up with...

Mounted wraith from Celtos.

My last planned Deadcember project is some more non-human skeletons to bump a smaller unit up to a larger horde, but for whatever reason I'm just not feeling it right now. In fact, I'm not really in the mood to paint up much of the undead I already have. I think the major factor in play is that I don't really feel like cleaning & assembling a bunch of minis. Everything requires a bunch of pre-painting work, and I'm just not in the mood. I'm sort of wishing I had a big model to work on, or something(s) already prepped and ready to paint. Or a pile or rank & file already prepped. I'm completely in painting mode!

Only half way through Deadcember, though. Even though I'm prep-impaired, I'm still motivated to get a big heaping pile of undead done by the end of the month, so maybe I just need a day or two to relax & think about what to tackle next.


  1. Take a couple of days off - it might help. I tend to spend months sometimes years alternately prepping or painting models. It is, of course, Sod's Law that when I come to paint, the models that I have prepped are not the ones I want to paint.

  2. Cool looking figure. I find prep to be the biggest hurdle for me as well.