06 September 2018

Adjustments, Lead & Digital

I've finally tweaked the widths on the blog to properly display my default image sizes at full size instead of reducing them online (which results in worse quality vs. me reducing them prior to uploading to the blog) But now I need to fix my header image, which I will get to soon. Soon-ish. Sometime.

It's going to irritate me until its fixed. So it probably won't be too long.

I've got another unit of half-orcs waiting in the wings. Old Grenadier/Mirliton minis. They're great figures, though there's limited variety. That's OK, since it's only one unit. But I did want to mix it up a bit. The original range is armed with sword and shield. There's an additional pack of spearmen, which I think were added later by Mirliton. They look a bit different, sort of midway between the original Grenadier sculpts and Peter Jackson's orcs. Still great minis. Except I don't want spears. (And I don't like the shields.) So a bit of chopping, drilling and pinning, plus some swords looted from old plastic Skaven clanrats (5th ed.) and...

The two on the left are the originals, the two on the right are the re-armed spearmen. I just need to find some new shields for them. I think they turned out well. I've got one more to re-arm in this manner. plus two more complicated conversions. The last two from the spear pack are holding their weapons in e strange two handed grip. I may try re-equipping those by turning the spears into battle-axes.

(See pic of unmodified minis from Mirliton web site, below.)


  1. Given the nature of half orcs I think it looks better that they're a mix of styles. Battleaxes might look good - you could have a go at crude two handed swords but the residual spear shaft might be a bit long. If it's only a couple I'd be tempted to cut that off and resculpt but not if you have to do it ten times!

    Hope you guys are feeling better now

    1. Thanks. Today is the 3 week mark and I still feel awful. My daughter's been sick even longer, and I feel bad that my wife may now be coming down with whatever it is.

      As for the half-orcs, I did end up giving one a battle axe, and one the top of a choppy looking skaven spear that looks more like a square naginata or thin halberd. -- the blade is similar to the swords. They look OK, I might post pics once they're all primed & ready for paint.