17 September 2018

Horc Solo

In my quest for more half-orcs (”horcs”), I've considered the idea of sculpting some half-orc heads to put on other minis. Over the weekend I realized I had a few heads I had saved from converting the Reaper orcs into Fomorians. So I trimmed one down and put together a a body from Citadel Empire militia bits, and...

...not exactly what I was a after. This will probably be the only one I do with this combination of bits. So you could say that this horc is a solo... Hmmm... Horc Solo...

Not sure where I got the idea to paint him in a white shirt with black pants & vest.

I'm sure I'll still find a use for him. Maybe team him up with a tall, furry companion. Will have to figure that one out. (Owlbear? Werewolf? Or...?)

This latest creation is brought to you by Daemonium. A bit too sweet & sour for me. Not what I like in a Belgian style golden. I'm not oppsed to beer in cans, but a Belgian ale in a can seems odd, too.

1 comment:

  1. That may be the ugliest humanoid thing I've seen outside a Nurgle army! Well done!

    As for a potential companion...how about a bugbear or gnoll or this: