10 September 2018

Half-Orctober Prep pt. 2 (Plus Day Dreaming of Sculpting)

The rest of the half-orcs, aka Citadel's RR15 Despoiling Hobgoblins of the Darklands, have been prepped. That should be the last of the half-orcs. For now... Would love to find 4 more troopers for this regiment.

For some time now, I've been daydreaming about two sculpting ideas. One is to sculpt up my own oldschool style "regiment of renown". The other is to either sculpt & cast some half-orc heads for converting other minis. Maybe I should combine those ideas and try sculpting a half-orc regiment.

Mind you, my sculpting skills are still rather amateurish. But I'm not going to pressure myself to sculpt masterpieces, so that's OK.

I've been trying to dig through my old boxes of minis, organize, and perhaps even get rid of some dead weight. But spurring me on in terms of sculpting, I think I've now unearthed all of the painted vulture creatures I sculpted, as well as all of my remaining unpainted casts of the one that was briefly in actual production. Again, not masterpieces. But they're OK for a rank amateur, and give me enough confidence to try another sculpting project.

There are seven unpainted castings in the little bags. I'm contemplating some sort of trade or give-away for each of them. Maybe I'll hang on to just one for myself.

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