08 February 2009


Since this topic came up on the WAB Forum, I thought I'd say something about it here...

Anyone who wants to make comments, criticism, advice, whatever can freely do so in responses. I''m a big kid, I'm open to different perspectives and comments from a different point of view. I'm not neccesarily soliciting comments, but anyone who feels like commenting can speak their mind without fear of offending me.

I also appreciate honesty. When I review the sculpting/manufacturing of the figures I've painted here, I try to do the same. I don't say I like something unless I honestly do, and when I make critical comments I'm not trying to be insulting or offensive. That's just how it I see things, and although I try to stay as honest as possible, everyone should understand that opinions are subjective. So I appreciate all the same from others. I wouldn't post pics of my painting (or conversions, sculpting, whatever) unless I was open to receiving the same. So anyone who feels like saying they

As a courtesy, I do appreciate comments to be made here or in places that I've personally visited & posted the pics, and especially prefer comments to be made on my original photos and not something that's been resized and/or altered and reposted elsewhere by a third party. That's happened a couple times lately and when people start making incorrect speculations and assumptions about my intentions & techniques, it just makes them look like idiots. But this is the internets, and I can't keep control over all my pics, nor the idiots.


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