22 February 2009

More BTD Celts

I finished the 20 man Gallic warband from (what I've recieved of) my Black Tree Designs order. I'd really like to expand this with 5-10 more figures, but since these figures only showed up after I complained a month after my account was charged, and it's now going on two and a half months and I still haven't recieved the other half of my order, nor replies to my emails, I think I'll just have to hope to find some other manufacturer's figures that will fit with the scale and look of BTD.

The figures themselves are OK. A little blocky or angular on the details, but not as bad as some of the Old Glory figures. Not as clean as the Foundry or Warlord Celts. I've recently painted. The faces are good, and the the poses are nice other than one or two on which it was difficult to put the shield because of the position of the spear. All the spears were integral, by the way. That's something I'm not normally fond of, but it worked quite well on these figures. They were thick enough to be sturdy, but not so much that they looked like telelphone poles. Best of all, that meant less time gluing figures together.

I think I just wasn't in the mood to paint them or something, and I did rush a bit. I don't think they're up to my usual standards. I've based them up but still have to finish some of the sheild details.

I got the figures as part of a bargain deal BTD is offering. They end up around $1/figures, but the figure selection is random, so out of 40 figures I ended up with the 20 above, 8 slingers and 12 casualties & civilians. So really, only about 28 "useful" figures out of 40. Considering that's competing with Warlord's figures and the recent "Renegade Regiment" deals, combined with BTD's apparent unreliable service, I'm not sure I'll beplacing any more orders with them. As it was this order was to "test the waters" for precisely that reason, and they've failed to deliver. (Literally.)

I've started about 4 other groups of figures, not certain which I will finish next. Among the contenders are a second unit of WF Romans, more Foundry Germans, and some Front Rank crossbow and archers. Stay tuned...

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  1. Luvverly painting! They mix very nicely with Renegades...