26 February 2009

Slow progress

I've started a whole bunch of various figures, but I haven't finished much at all. Here's what the latest. The remainder of my Bugundian crossbow, and one of the last few gendarmes I had around the painting room.

As far as medievals go, I've almost caught up with my supply of figures. I've got a few more cavalry, 10 more archers (started), and about 30 halberdiers and 30 more low countries pike. I think I may actually hold at those numbers once I've finished. I'm tempted to switch to HYW era Burgundians (Jean sans Peur!) rather than continuing to expand the Ordonnance era army (for now.)

But this got me thinking about the now cliche wargaming expression that when you run out of unpainted figures, you die.

I've been doing pretty well with that. At one point I was that typical wargamer who could survive a nuclear blast in my room lined with lead (figures.) But over the years I've sold off a lot of that and have been trying to avoid the urges to buy ridiculous amounts of figures I'll never hope to paint.

Still, I've got a few purchases in mind, provided I'm still employed next week, or the week after... The WF Celts are finally out, plus I'd like one more box of their Romans in the near future. And Crusader Miniatures has a variety of Spanish & Numidian figures that have been calling to me... "buy us... paint us... we promise to roll 6s for you..." All of this will most likely wait til Cold Wars, since it's just a few weeks away and I'm wary of doing any more mail ordering at this point. :/

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