04 February 2009

Foundry Germans

Finished a group of Wargames Foundry ancient Germans. I'm calling them javelin armed skrimishers right now, but I'm basing them on the same 20x20 bases as the warriors so they are interchangeable.

Don't know if I need to say much about these figures. They're great. Some may seem a little cartoony, but they paint up so easy, are posed pretty naturally and dynamically, and simply look good. The nice big soft/rounded folds in the cloth help with the quick painting and keep the figures looking detailed at a distance.

Click pic to enlarge.

My chief issue with Foundry is, of course, price. They are affordable when you get some sort of deal (like the holiday deal that I missed out on and now regret.) But if I just one day decide to place an order (without waiting 6 months or a year for the next "deal" to come along) then they're a bit beyond my budget, especially compared to the alternatives.

I do wish someone else would do some nice Early Germans, though. There aren't enough companies doing this range.

I've still got some more to paint, but not nearly as many as I need. (Yes, need.) So in the meantime, I'm hoping to find some more Foundry Germans on eBay, Bartertown or at Cold Wars.

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