05 February 2009

Winter/Spring Events

Looks like I'm bailing out of BASHcon's WFB tournament on Feb 21 unless I can find a way out there. I've made it the past two years and had a good time. I was hoping to bring the Marienburgers this time around (I ran skaven the last two years.)

The second weekend of March I'll be at Cold Wars in Lancaster. So far my only plan is to play in the WAB tournament. I'm hoping there will be a medieval division as there was at Historicon. I don't have enough classical figures done to play in the doubles, and it's my understanding that medievals aren't allowed in the doubles tournament.

*If anyone is interested in some non-tournament WAB (especially medievals) let me know. I'd like to set up something informal/friendly.

Since I will be at Cold Wars, I will obviously not be attending the Marauders Mayhem spring event in Dayton, as it is the same weekend.

Adepticon is the first weekend of April. I had wanted to attend and play in the WAB event(s) both for my own enjoyment and to encourage the event to continue & grow. But right now with my employment being on shakey ground because of the languishing economy, I'm not sure I can spend the money. There might be a slim chance if I can find a cheap way out (carpool?) and a place to crash (track down old friends in town?)

In the middle of May is the second Recess Rumble. I'll have to see how much I can revamp my Empire army in time for this.

At least that's the more formal events. There's a couple small, local things going on with both WFB & WAB.


  1. Hope you make it out to Adepticon!, it's going to bebigger and better than ever. Plus Historicals need the player base to grow..I'm bummed I couldn't get my Celts together for sunday, as I am doing two WFB events Fri / Sat. I hoping to come out sunday and play some skirmish historicals!

  2. I would really like to see more historicals. At some point I'd like to see if I can try organizing some sort of small events, either independently or tagged on to other events (like Indy GTs, etc.)