21 February 2009


I posted this elsewhere, but thought I'd share it here. Its a couple of photos showing layering as a method of highlighting. I don't normally use layering exclusively, but it's easy to show in still photos. Actually, I lie - I did wash/glaze in one step in the third pic. I did have to rush a bit to keep the camera batteries from dying and the paint from drying on the palette, so excuse a bit of the slop.

The photos show 4-6 layers. This takes it to a little bit of an extra stage beyond the common 3-layer style many people use. The trade off is that the highlights are a little more smooth, but it of course takes twice as long to paint an army. Also, the more layers you use, the more important it is to keep the paints thin so you don't glop the figures up or get brush texture showing.

Click the photos below to enlarge them. They show three stages, white, blue and then buff leather.

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