02 February 2009

Black Tree Celts

I've already finished 8 of the Black Tree Design (BTD) Celts. I may have rushed them a little. I'm not entirely happy with my painting.

The figures are OK. They're huge compared to just about everything else I've got, except maybe the Mystery Gaul (who I'm pretty sure is a Gripping Beast figure, at this point). I'll post a comparison pic soon. I'd like to paint some regular BTD Gallic infantry first, though.

The slingers (which is all I've painted so far) were a little chunky (not the smoothest sculpts) and a couple had odd facial expressions. A couple of the buckler hands had some excess metal (worn molds?) But not bad figures, either.

I had ordered 2 bags of their sample pack deal things (20 figures each) and got 8 slingers, 8 casualties, 4 druid & captives, 4 command, and 16 various spear armed warriors. Due to some tweaking of their prices, these are even cheaper now than when I ordered.

I might be tempted to place a small order to round this group off, except for two things holding me back at the moment... First is that I may want to do the same thing when I see what I get from their Early German deal. Second, and tied to the first, is that I still haven't recieved the Early Germans that were part of that same order.

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