13 July 2009

Gallic Cavalry

The last of the painting I need for Historicon. 10 Renegade Celts.


  1. awesome, I particularly like the red bridles on the horses..a nice touch.
    What models are there?

  2. Renegade. I bought two of the cavalry "Renegade Regiments" deals (and one of the infantry -- just weeks before they offered the "buy 4 get a 5th free, super bonus deal.)

    The Regiment comes with two packs of Celt cav, and one pack of Celt Noble cav, below.


    Link to the regiments:


    I've still got 8 unpainted that I'm probably going to try to sell/trade off if you're interested. ;)

  3. I am Interested.
    what kind of stuff are you looking for?

    my chariots are Renegade and I really them...I like that cav as well
    I'm not impressed by the boatload of plastic celts I know have and am trying to figure out how I can salvage the army..I may move to all metal figs..they just look so much better-- I need to check the scales on Foundry and Renegade ..if they match up...I'll probably do it.

  4. John,

    I just sent you an email about the figures.