27 July 2009

Shermann the German

Sneaky Peeky of Wargames Factory's new Ancient German general. I've named him Shermann (Hermann's lesser known second cousin.)

I'm going to add some stripes or tartan to him, since I'm on a roll with that. I love the figure, but I'm disappointed with my painting. But I haven't decided how/what yet. So he's done for the moment. I will leave him sitting on my desk as I paint other stuff so I can ponder how to finish him.


  1. Nice painting. Tricky business to get a solid paint job that will stand up to the camera.

    I have a sprue of the new Germans & find that they are much better than the original Celts. The faces have more detail and one piece body is a big improvement.

  2. I also like the Germans better. I like the separate arms as well as the single piece bodies and better heads, as you mention.

    At Historicon I got to see a sprue of their upcoming Vikings and they are significantly better than the Germans, so they're continuing to improve.