07 July 2009

Germs and Germans, Barbarians, Basing and Back Pain

German Barbarians

I need to have everything ready & packed for Historicon in a week. I started looking at some corners to cut. I broke down my doubles army into their exact units, since I finished some new magnetized movement trays last week.

I discovered that I could optimize it use some remaining painted Germans for almost 1/2 of the last warband I needed. So I concentrated on painting enough of the Wargames Factory figures that I had started to finish the unit. So the mix is WF, Foundry, and BTD, with one lonely Grenadier figure that I've always liked as the champion.

So that leaves me with just a unit of 10 cavalry to finish. My options are to finish the Renegade Celts I started -- they will take just a little longer to paint, and are the worst victims of the previously mentioned wookie-syndrome; or, I can assemble about 5 more Wargames Facory figures and paint a unit of them -- they are easier to paint, but I will have to spend the time assembling a few.

Germs and Back Pain

I've been sick since the weekend, I caught some sort of flu/cold going around. As a side effect of trying to sleep it off on Sunday and spending too much time in bed, I have been suffering from sciatica and unable to sleep or do much of anything else the past two days. However, on the "silver lining" end of that, one of the most comfortable spots for me to sit happens to be my painting table. Something about the stool, the way I rest my feet, my posture, etc. makes the pain disappear for a while. So last night at 3am when I couldn't sleep, I was painting sheilds (while trying to keep my eyes open.)


I think I have decided I need to change my basing. I spend too much time on it. I usually follow these steps:
  1. Glue on sand & rubble.
  2. Paint medium brown
  3. Drybrush light brown
  4. Light drybrush creme
  5. Paint rocks/rubble dark drey
  6. Highlight light grey
  7. Highlight white
  8. Apply patches of watered down glue
  9. Dip in foam flock, then dip in static grass
I'm not certain how to cut that down yet still get a similar look.


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  2. these guys are inspirational, thanks for sharing. I also liked the tartan tunic/shirt on one of the warriors in an above post.

    Excellent painting, it has a nice friendly feel to it, if that makes sense ?!

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