20 July 2009

Historicon 09, Part 1

This year's Historicon ranks among the most fun I've been to. I kept pretty busy the entire time, pushed a lot of figures, rolled a lot of dice, painted a few figures, and had a lot of laughs. Hell, I even "enjoyed" playing Magic back at the room, and I normally hate that game.

I'll probably be posting some specific stuff regarding a few events later in the week, like the WAB doubles and medievals tournament, the Clash of Iron demo, and the painting events.

This year I also came home with several times as much loot as I normally do. The best part is that almost all of it was at bargain prices. I just couldn't pass it up! Jus for humor's sake (and to give an idea what I'll be painting over the next year,) here's a list:

  • 28 Thureophoroi (Crusader)
  • 28 Carthaginian spearmen (Crusader)
  • Carthaginian command (mounted) (Crusader)
  • Numidian Elephant (Crusader)
  • 9 Spanish cavalry (Crusader)
  • 8 Balearic Slingers (Foundry)
  • 32 Numidians (Wargames Factory)
  • 28 Germans (Wargames Factory)
  • 3 German cavalry (Foundry)
  • 5 German standard bearers (Foundry)
  • German and Roman general (Wargames Factory metal)
  • Roman general (foot and moutned) (Crusader)
  • 2 organ guns, 2 light guns, and a bag of crew (Old Glory)
  • 30 Landsknecht pikemen (Old Glory)
  • 8 Landsknecht handgunners (Foundry)
  • 90mm scale Landsknecht Dopplesoldner (Andrea)
  • 16 oldschool Empire state troops (GW)
  • Empire general (Rutgar) (GW)
  • The follwing DoW (GW): Borgio, 3 galloper guns, 2 Bronzino, box of birdmen, 16 Pirazzo's lost legion, box of besiegers.
  • Great eagle (GW)
  • Boatloads (450+/-) 15mm medievals (Rank & File)
  • 2 FoG books (Immortal Fire & Storm of Arrows)
  • 2 WRG books (Dark Ages & Feudal)
  • Ancient Warfare special edition on the disaster at Teutoberg Wald
  • Misc stuff like paints, brushes, and so on.
I wasn't certain there was going to be room in the car for me on the trip home.

Sadly, with all the new stuff I got, I also lost my straw cowboy hat. I was quite fond of it. I brought it to keep the sun off my head, but I never wore it and left it at the hotel Sunday.

At any rate, I have plenty to keep me busy for quite some time, though I will be returning to some commission work for the next few weeks. I fell a bit behind trying to finish my stuff for the WAB tournament this past weekend. So now I owe some time to some other figures on my painting desk.

My photography skills left me, this time around. Not that I took many pics. But here's a few:

WAB Doubles:

WAB Medievals in front, WECW to the left, WAB Classical & Open in the distance:

Ancients area (is that the El Cid games in the foreground?):

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