17 August 2009

GW news and District 9

Space Hulk

So the announcement of the long rumored Limited Edition Space Hulk has been made.


I liked Space Hulk. I liked Advanced Space Crusade. I liked the hybrids with both of those and 40k 2nd ed. my friends and I used to play.

I would have liked to get the new Space Hulk, but I don't think I will. First, i don't actually care for the look of the figures. Second, the price tag seems a bit high for what you get, especially if you don't like the figures. Third, the LE thing seems goofy -- I'm not going to wait at the store for the game to arrive, so if two weeks after release they're unavailable, then I guess I'm out of luck and won't feel too bad. I suspect that just as with other LE items, many of these games will never have a chance to get to your average customer and will instead hit eBay at twice the price.

District 9

This brings me to my next point... I saw District 9 over the weekend. It was OK. It was seemed caught between being a social/political commentary and an action film. But it seemed a bit like a high budget B-Movie.

However, even before reading the official Space Hulk announcement, I had started thinking that the setting & visual concept behind some of the action scenes in District 9 could make a good sci-fi game. That said, I may have too look into doing something like that rather than Space Hulk.


So according to the news at this site:


if I am understanding correctly, Forgeworld will split off a Fantasy division to focus on WFB stuff, so that the original Forgeworld group can continue to specialize in 40k stuff.

Earlier this year, Warhammer Historical Wargames was rolled into Forgeworld with little news since then. So what does it mean that they are now splitting Forgeworld into two groups, each concentrating on one game/genre (40k & WFB,) neither of which are Warhammer Ancients?

I am increasingly concerned that WHW and WAB in particular have been abandoned. :(


  1. I pre ordered a Space Hulk early this morning, as I love a good two person board game and never played the original and and glad the figures arent recycled sprues..I like them enough..I figures since its LE, If I want to unload someday I'll get my money back for it..

    I loved District 9 despite some the cliche's I loved the transformational aspect of the main character and the film has the most realistic future weaponry
    I think I've seen in a film to date. plus I was digging the gritty docudrama feel..

    Glad you can read German as I had no idea about FW spin off into WFB. Thats great news if not bad news for my wallet. Don't worry thou I am told the new WAB is 100% happening how much support WAB gets after that is a mystery but we are going to get an all new ruleset. (I'm going to cross post the FW- WFB info hope you dont mind)

  2. Although I can still manage to read some German (with a dictionary within reach) I saw an already translated summary elsewhere. I did go straight to that source, though, to double check it.

    I still liked District 9. I just think it was a bit of a missed opportunity to be something huge. I'm still thinking about using it as a basis for a sci-fi skirmish.