29 December 2009

2010 Resolutions

John at Plastic Legions has made a list of resolutions and has mentioned that he hopes to see more lists around the wargaming blogs.

I'm not normally a resolution kind of guy. That implies planning, and I'm horribly at planning. However, I do have some general notions that I'm willing to gamble I will largely stick with.

1. Minimal wargaming budget in 2010. Work has gotten a bit tight, and I'm getting married in October. So limited wargaming spending isn't just a resolution, it's hard reality. I'm only planning on going to one out of town event longer than a day (Cold Wars) with a possible second one (Origins) if I can swing a free ride. My Old Glory Army card expires in a couple months, so I will try to place one last order using the discount before curbing spending on figures.

2. Participate in promoting the hobby. I'm running some WAB demo games at Cold Wars, and may do the same at Origins. I'm going to look into some painting events, too. Maybe like "The Paint Machine Road Show" or something.

3. Get back to pointless gaming. Points based games have become the staple. There's a greater emphasis on competitiveness. I'd like to take a step back to scenario based and "just for fun" type games. I'll also lump "less focus on 'officialdom' in games. We've already started this with our WFB campaign. I wouldn't mind trying something similar with WAB. This leads into...

4. Get into zombies. Seems goofy, but I've already started writing my own "beer & pretzels" style rules for a modern zombie apocalypse type game. I'm hoping they will really have the feel of a movie and not get too bogged down in reality. I also hope to maybe get some non-wargaming people into it. Of course, this means I will need to start getting & painting a bunch of zombies, which means I will be pushing my limits with Resolution No. 1 and interfering with Resolutions Nos. 5-8. I will also be in need of some suitable terrain.

5. Paint lots of Romans (and their friends & foes.) Already on my way with this. But I really do have quite a lot of figures still needing paint. I want to finish at least 90% of them by the end of the year.

6. Repair & update Skaven. I have a lot of broken plastic clanrats in dire need of repair. I also have some newer figures, plus a few conversions I recently built (posted pics a month or two ago.)

7. Sculpt Hellpit Abomination. This one deserves its own resolution heading. I'm excited about it. I just need time to sort out a plan and execute it.

8. Finish Empire steam tank. I bought & assembled the thing, started painting it then got distracted by other things. Definitely need to finish this.

9. Stop reading Warseer. I've quit looking at the WFB sections, which is the biggest frustration. But I think I need to quit looking at the other sections, too.

10. Play more ancients/medievals. Hopefully we can get more regular games going, and I can get some more people interested.

There's ten things off the top of my head. I don't think it's realistic that I will have time for all of it. But those are at least some indications of the possible directions I will head. Options for goals.

Addendum: After thinking about it a bit, I like John's idea for a big game. So I'd like to add an 11th resolution to have a really "Legendary Battles" type game of some sort.


  1. 2. Participate in promoting the hobby.
    Any chance I can talk you into coming out for Adepticon this year? I'm hoping I'll be able to kick of a few WAB 2.0 events. And if that fails, maybe its time to restructure the armies for Impetus or Crusader.

  2. 11. Play at least two wednesdays a month.

    12. Go to Grover's 3rd Annual Grillin' Cheesefest

  3. Re: Adepticon

    I would love to go to Adepticon.

    Unfortunately, like I said, I'm on a super tight budget for 2010, between the wedding, job insecurities, etc. So I'm limiting myself to shows/tournaments I can attend without staying overnight.

    When I do make it, I'd like to participate in the WAB event(s), but would also be interested in running some demos/instructional games to recruit new players too.

    Re: Anonymous Grover

    Attending the Grillin' Cheesefest can be assumed - no resolution required.

    As for Wednesdays, I've blown that in December. Holidays, etc. I'm hoping to start getting out there again in Jan. The rush to drive across town after work is really getting to me though. Last couple times I did it, there were no opponents left by the time I got there.