06 January 2011

Last Warm-up, and WIP BSB

I tweaked my Marienburg list one last time and played one more pre-Siege warm-up game against an Ogre Kingdoms army. I did OK, but lost in the end. So my last four games I went 2-2. Not looking like I've got a very good chance at a tournament, but at least I'm winning some games.

Since the army standard is so important in 8th edition WFB, I've finally determined to paint up my limited edition standard bearer... two days before the tournament. Here's a work-in-progress shot of it...

The image is of the maid of Marienburg, a mermaid holding a sword in one hand, a sack of gold in the other.

In contrast to the rest of my (bright as the sun) army, I went with really toned down and dark colors for this one.

Hopefully I finish him in time. Wish me luck -- on both the painting and the actual games. I'll need it in both cases.

1 comment:

  1. Great standard! The dark colors really suit the look.

    Hope the tournie goes well!