24 January 2011

Vinyl Countdown (part 4)

I've been spending some late nights working on my "Rabid Snabbit." I'm in the home stretch, but I think I haven't done as well with this as I thought I would. There have been a lot of, er, challenges to deal with. On my list of things to do, I need to touch up his left ear, touch up the blue-to-orange gradients on the tentacles, and emphasize the wrinkles around the eyes a bit more.

The tentacles have been particularly troublesome. The three sources, I think, have been: 1. blending artists acrylics (cadmium orange) with Vallejo model paint (blue - I forget which specific shade); 2. the tricky shape of the tentacles, and; 3. the gloss finish originally on the orange base coat of the tentacles. An orange to blue transition is tricky as it is, but I did a few practice runs on paper and was very happy with the results. The tentacles in the photos below... really bad.

Oh, and I forgot to put his arms on for the pics.


  1. nice!

    ...and here I thought it might be called "Rabbithulhu"

  2. That is the name of the watercolor I did previously, upon which the toy is based. I thought I had posted it somewhere, but apparently not. I'll include a pic in the next update. (Provided I remember!)