16 January 2011

Vinyl Countdown (part 3)

This is actually a couple steps later. Though I did the bulk of the work in one step, which I think was a mistake. I tried to keep a consistency of finish by doing a bunch at once, but I think it was too much to tackle and still do to a decent level of finish. I fear visible joint lines, so try to do too much at once. I hope it turns out OK with some paint on it. I still want to "enhance" the tail first.

The final step aside, however, I am learning to love the color shapers I purchased last winter but haven't used til now. I don't know how useful they would be on small scale figures, but at this size they've been great. Especially in terms of a nice finish (which always seems to be a struggle for me.)

I included a ruler in one pic, for a sense of scale. The stock Munny Mini, with its normal head, is about 4" tall to the top of the head.


  1. Its a mini cathulu(sp?)-rabbit!!
    He made me laugh, I can imagine him in a powder blue or pink for some reason!


  2. Is anyone else reminded of Zero? (Jack Skellington's ghost dog in Nightmare Before Christmas)

  3. @ Bard: More than likely it will be bright orange. :)

    @ Ragados: I hadn't thought of that, but you're right, he does look a bit like Zero! I'll post a pic of the painting on which the figure is based in one of my future blog entries.