02 January 2011

WFB Warmup

The Upcoming Siege

This week I played a couple WFB games at 2200 points as a warmup to the annual Siege at the Tower tournament in Columbus. I've gone the past three years and won two of those three times. Both times with Skaven (once old book, once new book.) Two years ago I got flattened when I brought my Marienburgers (Empire.) This year I'm hoping to change the pattern and do well with the ex-Imperials.

2010 Entry
2009 Entry
(No 2008 Entry. There were batreps on Warseer & I still have maps uploaded on the internet, but I can't find the text at the moment.)

Game One

I had to come up with a new list, as most recent games have been either 1500 or 2500 points.

My first game was against High Elves. No pics. We played the scenario in which one counts banners (forget the name.) I was doomed from the start. Deployment hadn't even finished and I joked that I wanted to start over. Yes, my deployment was just that bad.

Still, even with that, my army was outclasses. I had four large combat blocks against four HE combat units that were far better. I had two mages against two far better HE mages. We were probably close in terms of heroes, and the only advantage I had was in artillery... which (in spite of engineers using their re-roll ability) failed to impact the game. It was all over after 3 turns.

Game Two

I just got back from my second game this week. This time with a tweaked list, and fighting Skaven. I figured it would be another good game, since High Elves and Skaven are, in my opinion, two of the strongest armies in the game at the moment. (I'd put them both in the top 4.)

This game went significantly better for me. We played the Meeting Engagement scenario. The pic is from the bottom of the second turn. I went first and in those rounds I dropped the Abomination, destroyed the Plague Furnace and took out 2/3 of the monks pushing it, and caused 5 wounds on the Doomwheel that is in combat with the swordsmen in the photo above.

The shooting in this game made all the difference in this game. I eliminated or crippled the two biggest combat threats before they contacted me. In the previous game, I did nothing so my melee troops were outclassed by the time combat happened.

RPG Animal Sidekick

In my previous entry, I mentioned a bit more about the RPG game. I had previously posted a photo of my sidekick from the character creation session. So here's one of the sidekick from the individual/introduction gaming session recorded in Nob's Journal.


  1. I've never played WFB yet, but I did start wargaming with WAB which I know is quite similar. In fact, your army looks very much like most WAB armies. At least before WAB 2.0 came out. I've since rebased most of my infantry into three ranks with wider fronts. This does make everything more linear and I'll see how it affects movement around the battlefield. Sounds like you have your army down to a science. Regards, Dean

  2. Is that a mini-weener dog? Very good looking dog there.

  3. I'm not sure if I have my army down to a science, but if it seems that way it's because WFB has become increasingly focused on army selection. It is one of the most important parts of the game. In spite of the points system, if you don't chose the right army you have little chance of winning against a decent player who has taken a powerful list.

    As for the dog... it's a chi-weenie. Half chihuahua, half wiener. :)