19 January 2011

On The Painting Desk

Another pic showing the primer plus white basecoat on the Rabit Snabbit (as I decided to name it) that I've been working on. Also visible are some recent commission figures... some completed GW high elves, and some just started ECW Scottish highlanders and the Marquess of Montrose.

To the right-ish are a bunch of the GW wash pots that have been re-serviced for custom paint colors. I like to do 5+/- layers of paint, rather than the typical 3 layers according to many paint "systems" (Foundry and Reaper sell "triads, for example.) So I end up mixing a lot of intermediate colors. I've typically done this on my palette, but in an effort to both save time and achieve more constancy, I've started making pre-mixes of multiple paints, with the addition of a little Future floor polish, plus a bit of Reaper anti-shine additive and/or Vallejo matte medium.

Most of the empty wash pots are Badab Black and Delvan Mud. If I could buy them by the quart at a discount, I really would consider it. I've tried mixing my own and haven't got it quite as nice as the GW stuff.

I will be packing up the horribly messy desk soon (most of the mess has been cropped out of the photo) as I move to a full time studio. We need to clear the spare room out for the impending babyfication. I also need to get all toxic stuff out of the house. I'll post pics of the new space when it happens. Probably not for a week or two.

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