09 July 2015

Another Dragon Pic and Random Bits

A comparison of scale. These two make an interesting, if odd, pair. Seeing them together is making me reconsider my decision to paint the rat-beast meaty instead of black or grey.

While digging through boxes of old figures, I came across this guy and think I should find a spot for him in my current plans. It’s an unreleased (AFAIK) “Bramble Demon” from an also unreleased game called Warlocke: Rise of the Young Kingdoms.

And sometimes my work table looks like this….

(Any guesses what's in the jar?)


  1. Dark Pegasus?

    That dragon seems sort of puny next to the caller's sump beast.

  2. Neither a pickle nor a pegasus. Not even a picklesus.

  3. I like the rat beast the way he is - particularly the subtle colour shift towards grey on the muzzle. My advice is to paint the rest of your undead army, and then if you are still unhappy with the rat beast, then, and only then, repaint it.