19 July 2015

Zogmar Distraction

In homage to typical post-public GW marketing, I will follow that last post up with a big let-down. ;)

As I continue to work on the big armies of Marienburg vs. the Undeadish (MvU), my mind has recently been wandering into two lines of thought...

One is that I may return to an alternate Warhammer (AltHammer?) setting after all, rather than something entirely new. At least for now. There is still too much of it that I like. However, the "local" setting will be all mine.

The other is that I think I may try delving into some smaller or skirmishy games too. Maybe I will tie these together with my plans for the MvU campaign. Maybe they will just happen in the same setting, but not interact. Who knows. At any rate, I'm looking at what I can put on the table right now -- or with minimal painting or touch-ups. I still have a lot of painting & basing I want to do before MvU, but I'm also itching to play a game soon. Just for fun I'm starting by digging out the stuff I hadn't planned on using in the MvU. Ancient figures. Some painted back in the days of 3rd & 4th ed. WFB. When I pulled out the goblins I previously posted, I also found the half painted model I have now dubbed....


Working on a name for his hammer. Maybe a wyvern upgrade.

I also based a couple of old wolves...

And some more troops to support the gobbos...

I painted over the Goblin Green base edges on these relics from ages past. They may be one of Zogmar's first encounters.

As with the big game, I'm a little indecisive about what rules to use. The more I see/read about the Oldhammerers around the internets, the more nostalgic I'm getting for 3rd ed. So maybe I will give that a shot. Or maybe even 2nd, which I've never actually played. Or there are a few other games I might be willing to try.


  1. Looks nice and I think a lot of us are feeling the oldhammer pull.


  2. Nice work, though a bit sad to hear the Goblin Green bases are gone ;)


  3. Haha, yeah, I needed to cover the Goblin Green to keep them consistent with my current collection. I only went through a very brief Goblin Green phase, and it may have only been on the Wood Elves. The trolls actually had black base sides, which is how I started out.

  4. Are those lizardmen in front of the trolls? With the feathered headdresses.

  5. They're goblins from the short lived game Crucible. I liked them because they had a different style than most other sculptors, but still had a goblin-y look to them. I'll take a closer photo when I get a chance.

    I've also got this unfinished giant bat rider from the range: