15 July 2015

Lesser Goblins

I came across these while digging around. They were all painted, but half needed the bases finished. One of those long abandoned projects. There's actually more of these, still unpainted, as well as some of the little guys that came with some of the Foundry great orc mercenaries. I had planned on lumping them all together as "lesser goblins." No idea what I will do with them right now. I just felt like it gave me a sense of accomplishment to finish the bases. :)

Apologies for the poor photo quality.


Also, I cut a (very) rough coffin shield to see what it would look like compared to using plastic heater shields on the Nightmare Legion. These are the two options I'm considering right now.

1 comment:

  1. Nice job - that's always a nice feeling when you get something done.
    Perhaps you should get together with Mouse and Goblin Lee and have a big Goblin/Snottie party?

    Can I suggest this for the party music?

    Coffin shields look good.