19 July 2015

Thumpers Uncovered

Wow. Delving deeper into the boxes in the attic...


Anyone else remember these? I believe they are Tom Meier goblins/orcs re-touched & cast with a new rabbit look. I've got around 40 of them in various states of repair and painting. I had built enough to use with Hordes of the Things and then stopped.

I wonder if I can rebase & find a use for these. :)

There were a few other things in the box/HotT army, like some Fortress Figures "Hareballs." I will get to those later.

UPDATE: Doing a little research, from what I read, they only appeared in this 1995 catalog (link below.) Thumpers are on pages 13 & 14. The orcs they're based on are on page 12.


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