06 July 2015

Undead Dragon

I painted up the Undead Dragon in similar colors to the rest of the Undead(ish.) I've got mixed feelings about the results. I think I may end up putting a little more (brush)work into it. I'm trying to find a balance between wanting to add detail, but keeping the simple character and palette of the rest of the Undead. Maybe I should hold off and put that effort into one or two of the living dragons first, and then take another look and see how I feel about this one?

He/she needs a name. For the moment I'm referring to him/her as "Calgon the Black" until I think of something more appropriate.


  1. Man - that is THE BOSS. A beautiful miniature and a really exquisite paint job. I also really like the way you have not overdone the base or cluttered it up with too many details; the way it is really keeps the eye on Calgon.
    Isn't Calgon a cleaning product or a mouthwash or something?

  2. Thanks.

    Yes, Calgon is (was?) was a brand of both bath bubbles and laundry detergent.

    It's an (admittedly weak) play on "Ancalagon the Black" -- the biggest, baddest dragon mentioned in Tolkien's writing.

    Calgon, the bath soap, had a slogan, "Calgon take me away!" I thought at some point this could be an (admittedly weak) excuse for a kidnapping/hostage scenario involving the dragon at some point.


  3. Fair enough. The essence of Oldhammer is painful, herniating puns. Calgon it is.