14 August 2016

Further into the Mists

Another brief bit of time to work on minis. Small stuff, I know, but I'm trying to keep morale up by getting excited over even the tiny bits of time I can manage.

Hard to tell, though hopefully the pics are better anyway, but sculpted a bit of neck to connect the heads to the bodies, made some tails and then glued & sculpted them onto the bodies, which are now on bases.

I've also included a shot for scale comparison between one of my Reaper conversions on the left, and an original Fimm on the right. Pretty good fit, in terms of scale! I still have some reservations over the differences in style, though. I'm going to wait & see how some paint impacts that, though. Also thinking a lot about hand/weapon swaps for the rest of the savage orc conversions. I'm just not into the stone-age weapons.


  1. I think they are very successful. Perhaps you could hide a lot of the savage clutter with circular breastplates (press moulded).

  2. I think that the size is great, and obviously getting a box of plastic orcs is pretty easy as far as sourcing goes. The muscles and details are a bit off though, although you could probably carve away a lot of the extra stuff you do not want.

  3. I'm going to see how the first batch turns out after they're painted. I've converted four more using other (non stone/bone) weapons, which I think will help.