16 April 2017

Easter Painting

Snuck in some time to hide in the basement today (Easter) like a sneaky troll and finish up the old Citadel C28 giant. He was missing a weapon, so I sculpted him a new club. I was originally going to be satisfied with just one of these multi-piece giant, but I think I would like to get all three bodies.


  1. Very nice, I like his Tartan. I have two copies of the Marauder Giant because the first one I bought (and overpaid for) was missing some pieces. The second was meant to supply the missing parts for casting, but maybe I should not be such a wimp and look at conversion and sculpting options to make the duplicate more interesting.

    1. I think that would make for a unique take on the classic model -- while still giving you a "stock" version as well.

      To be honest, I have a second Marauder giant as well, for that very same purpose. I did the "stock" version. I just need to come up with something really fun for the second. I have a couple ideas... :)

  2. Splendid paint job and sculpt on that club!

  3. He is amazing! I am blown away by his "old man face". It's really perfect, and makes him unique. And as Sean said above, you did a grand job on the plaid.

  4. I sort of feel like Easter has snuck up on me this year! Maybe it's because we're going to be out of town before the holiday gets here, but I haven't even done so

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