16 April 2017

The Tall & Short of It

Finished the Meier cloud giant.

Making progress on the last metal produced Citadel giant, and the old C28 Citadel giant I have. They should be done by the end of my April challenge. As for the Warploque giant (not pictured)... it may not be April, but I plan on finishing him, even if it's not done til may.

When I first got into miniature gaming in my youth (Battlesystem, Chaos Wars...) it was difficult for my friends and I to find figures. Some of my first minis were from the Grenadier "Halfling Party" set that two of us split. In fact, I still have some of them. But today, a full box of nostalgia arrived in the mail!

Happy Easter, to those who celebrate it! Watch out for those eggs...


  1. I remember that Halfling box well. The scouts standing one on top of the other are amongst my favourite sculpts ever and I still have that somewhere.

    1. There are a few really good ones in the set. I don't remember painting the scouts -- since we split the set, I only originally painted about half of them. So I'm looking forward to doing the full set soon!