02 April 2017

Fomorian Warband

Since I had a couple of requests, here's a photo (as best as I could) of the Fomorian/Fimir warband so far. (Click/tap to enlarge.)

Four characters center front. Behind them and to the right are two groups of four Fianna. To the left are 12 warriors. In the back-right are the moor hounds, and center-rear are the bog demon and giant centipede.

Planned additions include: More hounds (heh heh heh) -- I have about 10 left to touch up and rebase. More conversions of Reaper orcs for additional Fianna, and although they're not ideal, I do think the Citadel savage orcs turned out OK, and I will probably do another batch of those for more common warriors. If I can get my hands on more oldschool Citadel Fimir, I would love to add two both of those tiny units. But I'm not going to count on that happening! I'm lucky to have what I've got already.

Still some other ideas rattling around in my head, but the above photo & plans are the core for this warband.


  1. Wow, that's a few more than I remembered there being! I wonder what that is points-wise (system dependent, of course.

    Did you ever discuss the use of the monopose plastic Heroquest Fimir for this project? My feeling is that they would be smaller even than the Savage Orcs, but they are reasonably cheap / easy to pick up on ebay.

    1. Well, just quickly calculating a rough points value in WFB 3rd...

      12 Fimm = 384
      8 Fianna = 280
      16 Moor Hounds (Warhounds) = 64
      Lv 15 Hero = 182
      Lv 20 Hero = 232
      Lv 10 Dirach = 113

      Total: 1,255

      That doesn't include the Meargh or big beasties. A bit heavy on the heroes and light on troops. I hope to rectify that soon. I did end up buying a unit of those Black Tree orcs to use as half-orcs, they should be here this week. :)

      Speaking of half-orcs, if I get a second unit, I may try... http://www.scotiagrendel.com/Products/index.php?main_page=index&cPath=221_222_46_203_204 -- Although, strangely, the ones called "half-orcs" are my least favorite. I think the regular and greater orcs would work well, though.

      If I use the Fomorians/Fimir in KoW, they will just be proxies for Ogres, which I think will work well -- and be a little more competative than Fimir in WFB3. ;)

      As far as the plastic Heroquest Fimir, I had the chance to pick up a group of them but passed. I just don't care for them. I should have got at least one, just for the sake of completeness, though. I'm sure I can still track one/some down.

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  3. Looks great man!
    I especially like the extensive use of Reaper Bones orc range.
    You have certainly given me a few ideas. ;)

  4. Thanks. I really like those orc figure to begin with, so it was a good reason to work with them.

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