29 April 2017

One More Giant Down, One to Go -- and Beyond

I finished the old Ral Partha, Tom Meier fire giant -- which I painted as a frost giant. Quick & fun mini to paint. This one is mounted on a 40x40 base, as opposed to the 50x50 or 80x80 bases most of the other giants are on.

I'm still on the hunt for the actual frost giant that RP/Meier did.

 Slow progress on the Warploque giant. I think I'm mostly done with the flesh -- though I may still tweak it with a few more washes in select areas.

I've started blocking out the rest of it in black, as that's the base I generally like to start with. There's way more detail on this figure than it seems at first glance. Especially all the loot around is belt. I think this will take a while, and I'd rather not rush it. So it's going to be something I just slowly work on a bit at a time.

So Big April is just about over... what next?

Good question. I think I'm going to go ahead and paint up the rest of (or most of) the Disciples/cultists I recently did some test painting on. I like the way they turned out and it should be a nice relaxing little project.

Beyond that, I'm not sure...
  • Hobbits. I'm dying to paint up the Westfalia halfmen. But I'm having trouble facing up to the task of straightening all of the spears, lances, and halberds. If they were straight, or of the figures were metal, I'd be all over them right now. In fact, the mages & crossbow figures got painted right away because they didn't have bendy pole weapons. I need an intern to take care of this for me. ;)
  • Other Hobbits. I do still have some odds & ends, plus that Grenadier set to paint.
  • Half-orcs. I've got a small unit now. Might be a fun diversion.
  • Skeletons. Not feeling it at the moment. But I do have some oldschool Citadel wight cav. ready & primed, and there's never enough rank & file....
  • Marienburg. My priority with these guys are more halbediers, and pikemen to replace to the painted pikemen I sold off in more desperate financial times. But... also not feeling it at the moment.

Further beyond the horizon...
  •  Fomorians/Fimir. Waiting on more conversion fodder, mostly Waiting on the Reaper Bones KS to ship. Might get another box of GW savage orcs to convert, but I'm hesitant to buy new stuff until I paint more of what I've got. (That and finances are tight... again.)
  • Rogue Trader. Still haven't worked out the exact details of what I want to do yet.
  • Trogs. The re-release of the Tom Meier troglodytes by RP/IWM has got me wanting to repaint what I've got and then use that as an excuse to get & paint more. Because... well, that's just natural.
  • Sea Elves. I still have some old elves to paint/finish as a sea elf contingent for the Marienburgers.
  • Dwarfs. Also still have some Marauder dwarf pikemen, plus a few more newer White Knight dwarfs to go with them.
  • More giants! :)
  • Other stuff... there's still some others stuff...

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