01 April 2017

Real End of Marsh '17, and a Short Distration (or Three)

I was hoping to get one last project done for the Month of Marsh -- converting the big Reaper ogre to a Fomorian hero. But it is now officially April, and I haven't even finished sculpting the head (actually working on two of them at the same time, and will pick the better to use.) This is as far as I got...

While waiting for the various layers of putty on the heads above to cure, I did a bit of painting and...

"Trois" I've got a story in my head about these three. Maybe it will work its way into a campaign, or bit of fluff or something. The hobbit on the left is from Reaper, the two on the right are from Westfalia.


  1. That's a very suitable base model for a fimir.

    1. I really love the Tre Manor Reaper orcs, as well as some of his other sculpts for them (gnolls?) Luckilly, the orcs mostly fit my image/concept for the Fomorians/Fimir -- since I otherwise don't have a use for them. Glad to have a good reason to use them.:)

  2. Fantastic work on the Hobbits. My fave is the one in the middle. I'll have to take a closer look at Westphalia. ADD strikes again.

  3. Thanks!

    Westfalia is one of my new favorite manufacturers -- halflings and other stuff.

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