26 April 2017

Last Push for April Giants, Disciple Test Minis

Still working on the last two giants. No way I will get to the Otherworld giant (still in a bag) but I'm still hoping to finish the Warploque giant, and the freshly started Ral Partha frost giant. Shown here, WIP, for ridiculous scale differences. Made a lot of progress on Frosty. Added some more subtle washes to the big guy.

While waiting for paint/washes to dry on those two, I (very) quickly painted up two test figures from the Disciples of the Red Dead Redemption, based on the same palette I used on the Undeadish. The idea being that they have similarly been enticed to/enthralled by the forces of undeath. But these are secretive urban cultists rather than full tribes converted wholesale.

I'm still considering giving them normal, if somewhat pale, human flesh instead of the pale grey flesh of the Undeadish. Another option is maybe adding some trim to the edges of the robes -- though I can always add that later.


  1. The giants are way cool. I like the cultists as is but I can see wanting to make them more human in appearance. I like to use the Reaper Vampiric Skin triad for spooky humans. It has a purple cast.

  2. After looking at them for a few days, I think I'm going to keep the same skin tone as I've been doing. I think it will help tie them in with the other figures, which otherwise have pretty different look.

  3. Nice to see the Redemptionists make an appearance. You can keep this deadish skin colour and still use the fluff - they go about town gloved, when they need to. It's not as if they can walk around in broad daylight with those masks, anyway! I've got a whole bunch of these guys who were going to be Tzeentch cultists in my Hordes of Chaos army... not sure what'll happen with them now.

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