30 April 2017


Over at the Warhammer-Empire forum there was a discussion about a monthly painting challenge, and the idea of doing monthly themes took flight. It just so happens that May is May(fly) month. So... painting flyers.

I thought this was a fun idea, and a good excuse to paint some forgotten figures. So I went digging...

...and that was what I came up with. I wasn't sure which figure(s) to paint, but I did start work on converting the owl-gryphon with a (small) dwarf rider. The bottom half of the rider is cast on the beast's body, so it was just a matter of cutting a Westfalia halfman (now a quarterman?) in half, removing his weapon, and making a few other small changes. I cut the dwarf's lance off, and remounted it on the halfling.

Now I need to make a suitable base. There's a slot-tab on the figure, but it would be awkwardly posed to just glue that on a base. I also want to give it a little height, since it looks like it's flying or a least coming in for a landing.

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