19 March 2018

Bog Corpses

Finished ten test subjects. The lighting in the photos doesn't do them justice, unfortunately. I was going to leave the eyes dark, but thought they needed something to contrast with the rest of the dark color scheme. Again, going back to Mr. Saturday's minis, I liked the glowing eyes, so swiped that idea, but I wanted a fiery look to mine. Minis are built from Mantic zombie & ghoul bits.

The inspiration comes from the real world bog bodies (pic By Commander-pirx at de.wikipedia - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=11778254). Some of the bodies that have been recovered are suspected of being disposed of intentionally, for a variety of proposed reasons.

At any rate, back to my Fomorians... I will present the background in a better format later, but the gist is to twist the GW Fimir story a bit and not really related (as far as I can tell) to the mythological Fomorians.

The/my Fomorians are ancient, and slow to reproduce. This is due, in part, to the fact that they multiply through ritual sacrifice and primal magics of the elements of earth and water, flesh and blood... More stolen ideas, partially from the background for the goblins in Crucible. Essentially they make a sacrifice, toss it into the bog, and hope that when they come back in a few days the body & spirit have transformed into a new Fomorian. The magic is as unreliable as it is ancient. Failed sacrifices are not a complete loss, however. Many Dirach & Meargh are able to animate (more on that later) these failed sacrifices in times of need, which have been ritually disposed of in the bogs around the Fomirian settlements.

In terms of gaming & rules... without getting into the details, my ideas are sort of undeady, but closer to what are usually classified as ghouls rather than zombies. But not really either of those. Ghouls are going to be my starting point in terms of most gaming rules, though.

17 March 2018

St. Patrick's Day KoW

Played in a three round Kings of War tournament at Recess Games. 2500 points this afternoon.

In keeping with the holiday, I fielded my (Irish myth inspired) Fomorians using the ogre army rules. I had to field 2 giants, the bog demon (as a mammoth), and a unit of allied half-orcs (as humans.) I used the recently painted bog trolls as hunters. So still all themed with the army, just not exactly what I would have liked to field.

Lost all three games & came in dead last. (Further thoughts on my consistent crap performance in KoW in a future update...) But I had a good time & got best painted award. A few pics of my games...

Game 1 vs. Abyssals

Game 2 vs. Undead

Game 3 vs. Abyssal Dwarfs


12 March 2018

Marshing On...

I didn't expect to paint the trolls so quickly, so I didn't really have any further plans for the Month of Marsh. So I'm going to jump ahead to something that has been way down low on my list of priorities but came to mind for several reasons...

Animated bog corpses. I've quickly assembled ten for a quick test paint.

I've seen something similar done before (see Mr. Saturday...) Mine will be a bit different in appearance and background.

They should be quick to paint. They can fit with my Fomorians and (possibly) with my undead. I've also realized that I could use more lightweight rank & file for the Fomorians, without resorting to the Shearl idea from the WFB Fimir. As much as I am looking forward to seeing my half-orcs on the gaming table (I've become fond of those minis!) I would have preferred a couple of small units of bog corpses for KoW this weekend.

So I think it will be bog corpses for the remainder of Marsh. Unless I decide to unleash the paint on... Goremaw!

11 March 2018

KoW in a Week

Photo of most of what I plan on fielding for KoW next weekend. Not quite enough Fomorians/Fimir, so I'm using the trolls I just painted, going heavy on the big guys, and (not pictured) a regiment of half orc allies. (Using the KoW ogre list, with human allies for the half-orcs.)

Click photo to enlarge, as usual.

10 March 2018

Six Trolls and Some Bird Boats

Finished the sixth troll. These were so much fun to paint.

Now that I've got these done, I can use them next week in some 2500 pt. Kings of War games. I'm going to (prematurely) field my Fimir Fomorians One-Eyed Swamp Ogres. Using the ogre list, these will act as ogre hunters. I think it works... All my Fimm & Fianna ogres will be straight up ogre Warriors. These bog trolls Hunters will be more lightly armored, and will have the pathfinder and ensnare rules. So they're not "equivalents" to the actual ogre fluff, but the rules sort of make sense. To me, at least.

In addition to the warriors & hunters, I will field some Moor Hounds as red goblin scouts (basic light, fast cavalry), the Bog Demon as a mammoth, and a couple of giants as.... giants! I'll have a couple of characters, and to make up the last bit of points, I will field a regiment of half-orcs using them as humans from the Kingdoms of Men list.

Not an ideal list, but it's what I can field of an army vaguely inspired, once removed, by Irish myth on St. Patrick's Day.

Also wrapped up some high elves for a friend (other than needing to add some snow to the bases)...

05 March 2018

Marsh 2018

Working on bog trolls instead of Fomorians/Fimir for the Month of Marsh 2018. Progress so far...

There is a KoW tournament on St. Patrick's Day. Although it's premature, I am tempted to scrape together a force of everyone's favorite one eyed swamp bastards (plus guests) as a sort of themed army.

25 February 2018

Return of Map-O-Tron?

When I made some of the maps for the Warhammer-Empire.com campaigns, I joked around calling myself Map-O-Tron. I enjoy making maps, and have missed doing watercolors in general. I'm feeling the itch again. Not sure that time will cooperate with me, but we'll see. Plus my mind has been wandering with the idea of fleshing a campaign setting further. (Related to the OMFG site I started putting together.)

I'm waffling again. I started with the idea of an alternate Warhammer setting. (Hence 1/2 the reason for using the term "Althammer.") At one point, I was on board to completely toss the Warhammer setting entirely, since I want to do away with a lot of the baggage that comes with it. But then I went back, and now... well... still not sure. Maybe I will do an AltMapHammer. Below is the Warhammer area I'm working with, along with the alternate map I toyed with previously. The big question is which way to go...

The thing about the "Alt" is that my ideas really feel stuck dead center between the actual Warhammer setting, and my own ideas. I think part of the reason I retreated to the Old World rather than a unique setting is that I was trying to build the entire world at once. Still, I'd probably recycle a lot of the 'hammer stuff. Maybe I just need to let go of that and focus on the local region, and keep the remainder pretty vague.

In either case, I want to start putting things down on a map. At least in rough form. Maybe more...

The Goods

The Goods. (Well, more of The Goods.)

From WizKids. Turned out better than I expected! Definitely going for that camp, and it looks like they have more crates, wagons, and other useful stuff for the Jackrabbit Trading Company's caravan.

Dragon Rampant - Initial Thoughts

As mentioned previously, I picked up a copy of Dragon Rampant.

I've been curious about Lion Rampant and Dragon Rampant since they came out, especially since they seem to remain popular with a certain set of wargamers. As I was looking for reviews, I found I could order it from Target, of all places, and have it delivered for about $12. So I figured I may as well just pick it up and see for myself.

Having freshly read through the rules yesterday, but not played a game yet, I've got a few initial impressions. I'd like to actually try a game or two before really forming a solid opinion.

The game appears to be a large scale skirmish. Figures are 1:1, but in small groups or individuals. There are no formations, flanks, or complex maneuvers to be performed. Just measure, move, attack, etc. Attacks, damage, etc. are taken per unit, though. I imagine that gameplay is more or less the same whether you field 10 units or 10 individuals.

Army building is fairly open. Choose from a list of unit types and add optional abilities to fine tune a unit. Each unit type & ability has a point value, allowing points based armies.

One thing that strikes me as odd is the Battered status. When your unit fails their morale and becomes Battered, it's more like being "pinned" and frozen in place than fleeing.

I've previously pondered whether Kings of War would be a good "gateway wargame" to get friends into wargaming for the first time, but after reading through Dragon Rampant, it seems like a much more accessible first time game. Not that KoW is complex, but DR doesn't deal with advantages of maneuver, and special rules are largely modifiers to the rather simple core mechanics. That said, I can see Dragon Rampant as a fun "beer & pretzels" game, but I'm not certain how well it would satisfy my desire for more complex (yet still streamlined & elegant) games.

As I said, it's worth playing a few games to find out. I just need to work out some time and opponent(s)...

24 February 2018

Busy Week

It's been a busy week. I was on the road for work, the first time in a while. I worked my ass off so I would have time for a little personal time for a side trip to visit some missiles & spy planes.

I had been wanting to go back & spend more time at the Air Force Museum at Wright-Patterson AFB, but my plans haven't panned out. But since I was in the neighborhood (I was working just a few miles away!) I managed a little side-trip before heading home.

 At this point, they've added an entirely new building, which was really cool as it offered a nice display of experimental, space, and presidential aircraft. They even offer walk-throughs of several generations of the latter. I may post more photos later.

Speaking of my trip, I was also working in the same strip of shops as a Games Workshop store. In spite of playing their games & painting their minis since the mid to late '80s, and even getting the grand tour of the Baltimore HQ, working a table at Games Day, etc. I've never been in an actual GW store. I felt like I should go in, but didn't really have any good reason to -- other than the "never been" excuse. But that turned out to be good enough. The store was nice, and the guy working there was friendly and helpful. In fact, I felt kind of bad not buying anything, since he answered a lot of my questions about their newer games.

Back home now, a bit tired and I ended up working on a pile of housework all day. But I just snuck off to the basement for a bit of painting time.

Finished the first of two High Elf Sky Cutters for a friend. Well, it still needs snow on the base. So, like 99% done. The other still needs a little work, but is mostly done.

I also painted five more of the hobbit goat knights. Six done, seven more to paint. Trying to come up with a name. Phillip's Lancers is the best I've got so far. (Woulds't thou like to charge deliciously?)

I'm getting anxious about finishing the High Elf commission, and these hobbit goat knights. The past few years I've enjoyed the March/Marsh and Big April themes. But at the rate my 2018 painting is going, these few high elf chariots and handful of hobbit knights will take me through the next month or two. Should I manage it, however, I will aim to paint the bog trolls in Marsh, and I have three BIG giants for April. (OK, one is half painted already -- a left-over from last year.)

And hey, look what arrived in the mail...

...I'll write down my initial impressions in a separate blog entry.

20 February 2018

Troll Clean-Up 2

I did evwntually get to prime the trolls before travelling for work this week. You can see the sculpts better now.

18 February 2018

Troll Clean-Up

They didn't really require much clean-up, as they were pretty crisp castings, but I cleaned & assembled the two sets of Drew Williams (Satyr Art Studio) trolls. The weather was nice this weekend, so I thought I would get them primed. But I didn't get them done in time, and the nose-picker still needs a little bit of putty at the elbow joint. Will have to finish prepping them soon.

I plan on painting them with mixed flesh tones, similar to both the half-orcs and giants I've previously painted. This now has me considering stripping and repainting my old Marauder trolls in a similar manner (as well as trying to get the other two in the set.) These were painted a good 25+ years ago.

15 February 2018

Test Goat

Not much time for painting lately, but did paint up a test mini from the unit of Westfalia goat knights.

Looking forward to getting some time to work on the rest of them.

10 February 2018

On The Table

On the table...

...the heavy hitters of the Jackrabbit Trading Company, and some more of their goods. The chests and kegs are from WizKids. In spite of the "HD" and "Deep Cuts" labeling on the packaging, the detail is a bit shallow and soft. But the price was good, and I think they will look OK when painted up. I think I also need to go back and buy the adventurers camp for use with the JTC.

Daydreaming about solo gaming again. Measured up my basement and I don't think I can fit my table in. Further daydreaming about building some walls inside our (detached, un-insulated, unconditioned) garage to create a game "room." Unlikely. Getting the no-gaming-blues again.

06 February 2018

OMFG and Shrooms

I've decided to start getting organized with some of my fantasy gaming ideas, and will be doing so publicly. The first project is organizing & publishing my ideas for games focused on mercenary units. Thus is born....

So far I've just started laying out the skeleton of the page, listing some mercenary units and filling in background, photos, basic rules, etc. on some of them. A lot more work to come.

As I was working on the OMFG page the past few days, I thought I would dig out some old minis. Apparently Fried (pronounced "Freed"), the half-orc shaman/mycologist...

...may have discovered the secret of animating fungus...

Hallucination of an altered state of mind? Assembling an army of fungamal minions? A bit more about them later.

04 February 2018

More Mo Death

Maurice has summoned some more skeletons.

I thought this would be the last of them to be painted, but as I was digging around (unsuccessfully) looking for a old metal skeleton to act as a champion, I came across enough bits to assemble eight more. So the Mo' Death Skeleton Commandos will soon be expanding from 24 to 32. (Or even more if I can find one or two oldschool metal champs that fit with the unit.)

02 February 2018

Krakon Games Skeleton Ogres

Krakon Games skeleton ogres. I previously painted the one on the right. I can't seem to get decent photo of these gents to save my life. The two on the left are more recent arrivals from the last KS.

I picked up a duplicate of the one in the middle and plan on converting that one with a different pose/weapon.

For what it's worth, Krakon are becoming another favorite source for unique miniatures. Obviously I like the skeletal ogres, and I've previously posted pics of Morrighu. I really recommend checking out the web site and Facebook page a follow ( https://www.facebook.com/KrakonGames/ ) you'll see some cool minis with a bit of an oldschool flavor.

As much as I've been enjoying my own Fomorian conversions, I'm tempted to put that on hold and pick up some of the Krakon Fomorian raiders, especially since they fit with certain old lead miniatures much better than my own. I had better start saving my pennies...

28 January 2018

Second Mounted Necro

A rushed attempt at filling in my need for a second mounted necromancer. About 30 min. of sculpting work on top of an old plastic Citadel skelehorse, and probably no more than another 30 min. painting. Turned out OK. Not professional looking or anything, but it's my own and has an oldschool sort of charm (i.e. not up to modern standards.) Progress shots and a final photo below.

26 January 2018

Old Half-baked Photoshoppery

I was looking through Photobucket looking for some old photos, and came across what I can only describe as dumbass half-baked Photoshoppery from years past -- I think all of it done as lame attempts at being sarcastic (or whatever) at warhammer-empire.com.

I think the first was a string of ideas regarding casting the old Angry Bear spell on a cannon, I think with also "flaming attacks" for some reason. I think it was inspired by (and part of) a discussion about conceptually weird rule combos that popped up in games. Taken literally, I guess. I don't entirely remember. It was a long time ago. Anyway, on to the pictures...

Oh... wait... no. I can't show you that photo, because when I click on it or download it (even within my account), Photoshop gives me their extortion image instead -- in spite of vehemently denying that they are "holding images hostage." (They have also removed the option to download entire folders -- you have to do it image by image now. That option disappeared soon after the whole 3rd party hosting fiasco, as people - myself included - tried relocating their photos.)

At any rate, there was a photo of a flaming, angry bear being fired out of a cannon. Poorly photoshopped. By me.

The rest worked. By "the rest" I mean my ridiculous evolution of the ideas. Like flaming angry polar bear pigeon bombs.

Obviously a benefit to the Imperial arsenal. Just like the flaming angry panda bear blunderbuss.

I don't remember what the next one is, but it seems about as Oldhammer as it gets, and probably predates the term Oldhammer. Squat Zoat Cavalry, Riding Fire Breathing Space Manitee. Truely art. Use it in your next RT game.

I'm not going to post the full evolution of the pike-asus, just the start and end. Again, the origin is hazy. Maybe someone brought up the idea of a pegasus rider armed with a pike, and I took it down it's (il?)logical highway?

You really didn't need to look any further than the flaming panda bunderbus, but I thank you for your perseverance. I will return to making quality posts ASAP. Or at least pictures of painted miniatures & things like that.

20 January 2018

Giant! (a game)

Revisiting an old idea for a game.

Drawn by the smells of the alehouse and sizzling wurst, a giant is lumbering (possibly drunkenly) towards/into the village/shire/whatever. The militia gathers and makes its stand. Individually, the hobbits may be small and weak, but the cumulative effect of their steadfast defense just may be enough to hold off the super-sized raider.

It will be like Ogre for fantasy skirmishes. But also not. 

Edit: It could really be any asymmetric battle... dragon & kobolds, Goremaw & goblins, etc. I happen to like painting & collecting giants and Hobbits.

19 January 2018

more Stuff! In the Mail!

Another installment of Stuff! In the Mail!

This time, stuff I paid for. From Krakon Games' recent Kickstarter, a few more skeletal ogres. One is a new variant of Slanga. I previously painted the old version. I got two of the new mini, one to leave as-is, and one to repose/convert.

Ugh. I took & cropped this photo with my phone, but now that I see it on a larger screen, I see how out of focus it is. Whoops!

Four figures? What? Oh yeah... I also picked up Krakon Games' "Queenie, Killer Cyborg" as an addition to my Diverse Meat Hating Robot Pirates. I think she'll fit in well with my tiny collection so far --  and the robots I still plan to buy.

17 January 2018

Stuff! In the Mail!

I love getting Stuff! In the Mail! (Who doesn't.)

I recently got a package from a serial benefactor, Shadespyre, who sent the following f'ing amazing surprise:

That would be the Heresy miniatures giant. A beautiful (can I describe a nasty giant with that term?) sculpt, and clean casting. He's now on the schedule for Big April. This year's April challenge is shaping up to be fewer in quantity, but larger in size than previous years. I'd like to finish the Warploque giant started last year, and paint this Heresy giant and the Otherworld giant.

Big plans.

10 January 2018

Lucrezzia Belladonna

Painted up one of the mounted mages. Went with a color scheme similar to my favorite Mordheim warband (who have been distributed throughout the Marienburg mercenary regiments.) I wanted a subtle pattern on the caparison, similar to the standard I painted on a Repanse model turned standard bearer many years ago.

A peek at my thumbnail sketches for trying out colors and patterns prior to putting them on the model...

07 January 2018


A few years ago, I did a "steam crab" amphibious assault craft, as a surprise for someone's pirate/nautical themed WFB army.

I am giving serious consideration to revisiting this idea with a more futuristic "robocrab" for the Meat Hating Robot Pirates. While I do want an eclectic band of robots, I also want to include a a lot of nods to oldschool pirate cliches.

So... something very similar to this (using the same toy as a base) but more sci-fi robot-y. No hatch or tall exhaust, but  maybe a missile rack or something like that.

06 January 2018

January Goals

I mentioned before that I had some plans for the first few months of 2018. Here's what January's looking like...

I've previously shared some pics of high elves I've painted as an ongoing, long term commission for a local gaming friend. I'll be starting off the year with some interesting additions to that army. As much as I'm a lover of rank & file mass battles, I do still love cool fantasy models. That's part of what sets fantasy gaming apart from historicals, after all. So this will be a fun diversion from all the undead that I've been working on.

I'm counting on these taking most of January to work on. There's a lot of fiddly little details that will be a difficult to paint. But I'm going to squeeze in a few of my own models as well. Especially since I have to wait at least a couple days for the weather to cooperate for priming. The current plan is some more odds & ends, such as...

(Finally) finishing two mounted mages for the Marienburgers/mercenaries, and a second mounted undead-necro-whatever.

The plan for the latter is to sculpt a hunched figure of tattered robes riding that horse. I've got the lower half of a skeletal rider on there for a guide. Maybe I will leave the feet showing out the bottom. Maybe not. Not really sure how to go about it yet.

As for the former two, I need to decide on a color scheme. That's what's largely responsible for holding up the progress for the past few... years.

On that topic, I was looking for inspiration on the internets and stumbled across this: http://beardbunker.blogspot.co.uk/2012/11/battle-wizards-now-with-ovaries.html

What an awesome conversion, and great painting as well! Not relevant to what I was looking for, but I had to share. Click the link to check out the whole process and more photos.