13 October 2008

Post-Marauders Mayhem (part1)

I survuved Marauders Mayhem 08, and did better than I expected!

It seemed pretty laid back, and there was a good mix of armies. The newer armies were not as over-represented as I've seen in other event reports. I ran into a lot of the regional regulars and met (and got crushed by) some new faces.

I'm hopefully going to put some battlereports up over the course of the week, but in the meantime, I will give a quick run-down.

  1. vs. High Elves - Loss
  2. vs. Empire/Kislev - Win
  3. vs. Vampire Counts - Win
  4. vs. Bretonnians - Loss
  5. vs. Daemons of Chaos - Draw
So I ended 2-2-1. Both losses were against what I consider balanced armies for their books. The Empire/Kislev was about a 50/50 alliance and was composed of cavalry and steam tank. The VC was a zombie horde. Really a zombie horde - one of the units was 100 zombies in a 10x10 formation. The DoC was all Nurgle.

I did manage to get the Generals Choice, Best Painted, and was on the Best Team (B.R.E.W.S!)

B.R.E.W.S. also had the doubles winners and the overall 3rd place, and overall did pretty well.

More later when I get some time. Til then, you can browse
The Results are posted at the Marauders Inc. forum and check out photos of some of the armies in attendance!

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