16 October 2008

Warlord Celts vs. Wargames Factory Celts

I thought it was about time someone did a review and comparison between the Warlord plastic Celts and the Wargames Factory Celts. I figured since I've ordered both, I would go ahead and perform this service for those still undecided between the two.

Below are two pictures. The Warlord figure is on the left, the Wargames Factory figure is on the right.

As you can see, the sculpting, proportions and detail are all fairly well done on the Warlord figure. The Wargames Factory figure, on the other hand, suffers from not being delivered yet.

The Warlord figure is animated and dynamic, while the Wargames Factory figure is still not here yet. As nice as Warlord's dynamic poses are, it could present a problem when ranking up a unit. Wargames Factory figures are at the moment easier to rank up, but will still look somewhat odd on the battlefield, since they've still not been delivered.

I'm still in the assembly stages, so I can't say how well each one paints up compared to the other, but I'm going to go out on a limb here and guess that the Warlord figures will be easier to work with because they are actually in my possession.

A couple gripes that I have with Warlords figures are -- and this has been mentioned by many others -- the fact that they only came with enough shields for 50% of the figures, and I'm also disappointed there wasn't a little more variety in the number of different heads. Still, this is nothing compared to the lack of Wargames Factory shields or heads or any other pieces, really.

So overall, I'd have to admit a preference for Warlord Games at this point.

(I must also admit that I'm considering abandoning the Celts altogether at this point and grabbing Foundry's Ancient Germans holiday deal...)


  1. LOL! awesome dude I feel the exact same way..I was going to cancel my WF preorder until they made it "too good to be true" now its mid october
    and still no figs..they even released the British colonials before the Celts..While I have a bunch of Warlord Games ones built my Celt army for Adepticon in Feb is looking doubtful. totally lame.

  2. Well Wargames Factory sets are in. I think they are awesome. What is your comparison now?

  3. I have still received no WF Celts. So I can not comment. I'm not aware that they've even started shipping.

    I will give both sets of plastic figures a more serious review when they do arrive.