14 November 2008

Germania Calls - a shameless plug

My copy of Tacitus' Agricola & Germania has been AWOL for many years. I just picked up a used copy through Amazon after too much waiting to find it at local bookstores. I haven't managed to find it at any of the local bookstores and the chain stores' (Borders and B&N) "History" sections are full of Hitler and pseudo-history and conspiracy stuff like Templars, masons and how aliens built the pyramids. A sad state for the study of history, if you ask me.

So I tore through it the past two days.

I've been leaning increasingly to Ancient Germans for my next project. I'm still trying to trade/sell off some of the odds & ends in my collection to help fund this. So I've made the brave/foolish decison to dive into the world of eBay...


By the way, in addition to Foundry's wonderful looking (though still a lot of cash in one chunk) holiday sale, I'm very tempted by Black Tree Design's Ancient Germans for a bit of variety!

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